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Movie Details

Availability Date

31 Dec, 2013

Running Time

147 minutes

Total Casts

Not Specified

Directed By

Takeshi Karaki

Produced By




Episode Number


Video Quality

HD (720p)

Original Language


Subtitle Format

SubRip (.srt)

Subtitle Filename

Subtitle File Size

157.0 KB (~26,795 words)


What does the code GS-01295 mean?

Every video produced by GOS studio has a unique code number to identify the video's series (GS) and episode number (01295).

Other names for this video are as follows:
  • GS01295 (without '-' hyphens)
  • h_101gs01295 (as unique ID with only numbers and lower-case letters to avoid clashing with similar codes from other studios)

What country is this movie from?

'GS-01295 GOS 720p 2013 SubRip .srt' was first produced and released in Japan with the 31 Dec, 2013 release date.

Where was this movie filmed?

'GS-01295 GOS 720p 2013 SubRip .srt' was filmed at home.

How long did it take to produce this movie?

We estimate that 'GS-01295 GOS 720p 2013 SubRip .srt' was produced within 2.5 months.

How popular are subtitles for this movie?

'GS-01295 GOS 720p 2013 SubRip .srt' currently ranks #234,216 out of 483,565 subtitles in our database.

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How are subtitle custom order prices calculated for this movie?

Subtitle custom order prices are calculated based on the length of the movie.

By default, custom order pricings are 1.60 per minute, and they get cheaper for movies above 90 minutes.

As this movie is 147 minutes long, the final price is 211.68, at 1.44 per minute.

How do I download the full version of this movie?

To download the full-length movie (147 minutes), scroll to the top of this page and click on the 'Full Movie' button and fill up the form.

The link to download the movie from the official producer's website will be sent to your email.

Is there a trailer for this movie? Where can I watch it?

To watch the trailer for 'GS-01295 GOS 720p 2013 SubRip .srt', scroll to the top of this page and click on the 'Trailer' button and fill up the form.

The link to watch the trailer from the official producer's website will be sent directly to your email.


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